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5 Big Marketing Challenges Facing Small Business Owners Today
5 Big Marketing Challenges Facing Small Business Owners Today
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Only a handful of those owners used an outside agency or worked with freelancers. With so many digital marketing options available, it can be hard for a company to make a choice. They end up bouncing from one to the other, even if it is not the right fit for their business model.



Though social media is often only valued for its brand-awareness capacities, many small businesses rely on social media to drive revenue. In fact, according to Vendasta, only 3% more small businesses—44%—rely on social media to generate brand awareness. Based on these numbers, small business marketing through social media not only generates the amorphous value of brand recognition, it also generates cold, hard cash.



Marketing automation is helping lots of small businesses remove some manual tasks to free up time. This does not apply only to digital but traditional marketing methods as well. Time constraints will make it difficult to keep up so remember to consult with a specialist or research before jumping into anything. Marketing isn’t very helpful when it’s treated as a side project, which means outsourcing certain tasks can be the missing piece to start turning brand awareness into sales. Make use of independent contractors and freelancers until you’re in a position to hire. These types of workers can be brought on temporarily or by project to help move things along.



These risks are real threats that can affect your cash flow and the best way to protect yourself is to plan ahead. Having the right people on your team is the best asset you can have and they are a major driver in growing your revenue. Taking the time to ensure you have the right products at the right times will increase your profits. Let's face it, a lot of the best talent out there want to work with the biggest companies.



These proposals are supposed to be expert advice on what the Chinese government should do next. But they can often basically double as open lobbying efforts. While lobbying is not officially allowed in China, business leaders who moonlight as two sessions members are free to make suggestions that benefit their own businesses. An electric vehicle company CEO, for example, could propose to advance the electrification of transportation, and it would not be seen as a conflict of interest. Lizzy Lawrence (@LizzyLaw_) is a reporter at Protocol, covering tools and productivity in the workplace.



In addition, advertisers should make sure that the infomercial doesn't deceptively mimic the format of news reports, talk shows, or other independent programming. FTC cases have required companies to clearly disclose that "THE PROGRAM YOU ARE WATCHING IS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT FOR " at the beginning of an infomercial and before ordering information is given. Since many infomercials feature endorsements from consumers, celebrities, or experts, ask the FTC for the Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements for more information. The FTC's Guides for the Use of Environmental Claims cover how words like biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly can be used in ads. In addition, some states have laws governing environmental claims. Check with the Attorney General's office of the state where you plan to advertise.



The marketing mix essentially details organisational strategies in areas of product placement, pricing, distribution and promotion . Many small organisations again feel the development of a marketing plan to be superfluous and irrelevant and engage in decisions that are primarily based upon hunches, perceptions and attitudes . Such attitudes are, as stated before fundamentally erroneous and can lead to the overlooking of important issues and lead to adverse operational, marketing and organisational outcomes . Such an attitude could however lead to lack of awareness about the product or service and its unavailability to customers who are willing to try them out . One of their most important challenges lies in the area of marketing.



At the same time, a number of large technology companies like Facebook and Google are creating new ways for small businesses to connect with their customers. To juggle when it comes to digital marketing, and while the workload is getting bigger and more complex, the teams and spending don’t always keep up. Nearly half of agencies don’t have any full-time staff members dedicated to paid search, which means it’s easy for ad platform changes to fall through the cracks. Read more about buy Insta Followers here. But your paid search strategy is at the mercy of the ad platforms you’re using, and if you’re not keeping up, you’ll fall behind.



Many businesses seem to look to their competitors for guidance on branding and marketing, which is always a mistake. Give customers a unique reason to seek your product or service. Branding and differentiation apply to your website, social media pages, paid ads and everything else that has your logo or business name attached to it.



SMB leaders have been making the most of limited resources to draw in customers as we all contend with restrictions brought about by public health concerns and the resulting financial effects. Every small business should have an online presence; after all, it’s how we search, connect, buy, and follow our favorite brands. If your business is not on the first page, you could be missing out on customer reach and a host of valuable leads.



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